solipo - polipo GUI for Windows

Solipo is GUI wrapper application for polipo on Windows. Solipo is FREE software.

  • polipo will run in the background as soon as solipo is started.
  • solipo works on Windows XP.

I presume solipo can also run on Windows Vista / Windows 7 but I have never checked because I don't have Windows Vista / Windows 7.

Solipo's icon is designed by Turkie (twilight bookstore).

How to install

[image]installing solipo

  1. decompress downloaded archive ("").
  2. put the folder "solipo" into a certain place ("Program Files" folder is recommended).
  3. run "solipo.exe".
  4. set proxy address to "" and port to "8123" on your browser.

You can just delete "solipo" folder to unstall.

How to use

solipo stays as tray icon on Windows task bar.

[image]solipo menu

A menu will be opened clicking the solipo icon.

opens polipo configuration on a browser.
View log...
opens log file on an editor.
opens a dialog to configure settings.
reboots polipo.
Purge cache
purges cache directory (polipo functionality)
opens "About" dialog.
quits the application, polipo will be stopped as well.

Download & Histroy

solipo 0.09
[ver. 0.09 / 2010.02.07] shortened monitoring intervals / fixed a bug: failed to load some settings.
solipo 0.08
[ver. 0.08 / 2010.02.06] applied polipo / implemented monitoring functionality
solipo 0.07
[ver. 0.07 / 2008.11.19] applied the latest polipo build 20080907 (1.0.5 pre-release)
solipo 0.06
[ver. 0.06 / 2008.04.01] fixed bugs: uncachable does not work / wrong copyright
solipo 0.05
[ver. 0.05 / 2008.03.25] fixed a bug for handling invalid cache dir / renamed ini file.
solipo 0.04
[ver. 0.04 / 2008.03.21] added cache size settings
solipo 0.03
[ver. 0.03 / 2008.03.20] fixed a bug (maybe): clearing cache does not work
solipo 0.02
[ver. 0.02 / 2008.03.20] fixed a bug: attached polipo does not work
solipo 0.01
[ver. 0.01 / 2008.03.20] the first beta release


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Solipo's icon is designed by turkie. Copyright © 2008 turkie.

Polipo is developed by Juliusz Chroboczek. Copyright © 2003-2008 Juliusz Chroboczek.

Solipo uses GNU Regex library. Copyright © 1985,1989-93,1995-98,2000,2001,2002,2003,2005,2006 Free Software Foundation, Inc.

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