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Auckland Marathon 2011 (half marathon)

I've finished Half Marathon at adidas Auckland Marathon 2011 → My time is around 1 hour and 42 mins.

It's my first half marathon. I'm glad at my time which is faster than my target time (1 hour and 45 mins).

I've been jogging about 3 km after work for 2 years to be fit myself. At the begging of this year, I decided to try longer distance.

Although I've considered full marathon (42.195 km); it's too long as the first try, so I decided to enter half marathon.

Auckland Marathon starts very early in the morning; before sunrise.

[Picture] At Devonport

Too early for normal public transport, but there are special ferries and special buses for the Marathon.

There are about 4 km to the closest bus stop of the special buses; so I have to walk (and jog a bit) there, it was good warm-up for me as a result.

[Picture] Sunrise from the start point

The start point is the same for full marathon and half marathon. Full marathon started first then half marathon started. I could see sunrize during waiting a start.

[Picture] Start gate

Here was the start gate. You can see "Elite" sign, can't you? Faster runners lined at the start gate then slower runners started at posterior.

[Picture] At Northcote

About 10 km from the start, my wife and daughter cheered me. My daughter has created a big banner for me.

[Picture] Climbing Harbor Bridge

About 15 km from the start, finally I've started climbing Harbor Bridge.

It's just started, I had to climb about 1 km long steep hill...

[Picture] The flags on the bridge

There are New Zealand national flags on the top of the bridge.

[Picture] City from the bridge

Only cars can go through Harbor Bridge usually. So I would like to take pictures when I ran on the bridge.

I've brought my mobile phone to take pictures. Fortunately it's sunny day and bright enough to take pictures without stop.

[Picture] At the goal

At the goal. The runner with yellow balloons was "Pace Maker".

[Picture] Last spurt

Finally I could reach the goal. There are a lot of up-down in the course; it was tough. I'm not sure I can run full marathon next time.

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