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Home screen on my iPhone (iOS6)

It's inspired from Today's home screen on my iPhone (in Japanese) ("今日のiPhoneホーム画面" is original title in Japanese)

Home screen on iOS6

It's likely the last home screen in iOS6. I'm sorry it's a bit hard to see because I've put all 5 screens together.

1st screen
Only Apple's standard apps, except "Podcasts". However Podcasts app seems semi-standard app.
2nd screen
Social apps & daily use. I've tried put blue-ish icons on left, red-ish icons on right.
3rd screen
Apple, Google, Evernote then my apps.
4th screen
Dictionaries, books.
5th screen
banks, trains, and some others ...

I tend to ...

  • avoid using Folder if possible.
  • put similar coloured icons together.
  • put more likely used app at bottom.
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