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Move to Zürich

I have moved to Zürich on July from Auckland where I've been in about 10 years.

[Photo] Panorama view on Lindenhof hill

I am working as a software engineer here in Zürich for IT company which is based on California and runs a sort of cloud services.

It took about 3 months to get working permit in Switzerland after getting an offer. It was a bit tough time for us because we had no idea when it would be completed.

Once my family and I have got the permit, we were so busy to handle everything, ... arrange for moving; telling to friends, relatives, and coworkers; arrange process for our house; etc etc ...

Due to hard effort of my daughter and wife, we can finally arrive at Zürich.

Brief summary until getting into Switzerland:

Sep 2012
Applied the position. Sent my CV to the company.
Oct 2012
Rejected the application due to the extensive visa application process.
Dec 2012
Contacted from the company.
Jan 2013
Technical interview via Skype (1st).
Jan 2013
Technical interview via Skype (2nd).
Jan 2013
Technical interview via Skype (3rd).
Jan 2013
Interview with HR via phone.
Feb 2013
Interview. Got the offer.
Feb 2013
Signed the offer.
Mar 2013
Started visa application process.
Mar 2013
Submitted required documents.
Apr 2013
Got visa approval from Switzerland Federal Authority.
Apr 2013
Got final approval for myself.
May 2013
Got final approval for family.
Jul 2013
Arrived at Zürich.
Aug 2013
Family & cats arrived.

I would like to really thank our friends and coworkers. New Zealand is great country to live, I'm certainly missing all friends and life in New Zealand. Please keep in touch.

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