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In this about a half year, I am making a pudding every week. It seems to score high points with not only my family but also my friends.

The original recipes come from "Cookpad" which is the most famous sharing recipe website in Japan.

Caramel sauce

[→Original recipe (in Japanese)]

The following ingredients for about three puddings.

  • Water : 100 ml
  • Caster suger : 200 g
  • Boiled water : 100 ml
  1. Putting sugar into the water then heating it over moderate heat.
  2. It will become brown after boiling.
  3. Stopping heating when it became dark brown.
  4. Putting boiled water into it. [Caution] Please be careful not to burn.

Pudding (steamed)

[→Original recipe (in Japanese)]

I'm using a pressure cooker (Fissler in Japanese) for this.

  • Milk : 500 〜 550 ml
  • Brown sugar : 40 g
  • Egg : 3
  • Vanilla extract : a few drops

[Picture]Pudding ingredients

I'm using a glass bowl although using 4 small glasses in the original recipe.

[Picture]Making pudding STEP 1 Pouring caramel source into the bowl. Putting about 200 cc water into the pressure cooker then putting the bown on steamer bascket.
[Picture]Making pudding STEP 2 Heating and stirring milk with sugar over gentle heat.
[Picture]Making pudding STEP 3 Whisking eggs then pouring the milk into it. Stirring it well.
[Picture]Making pudding STEP 4 Adding vanilla extract then pouring fluid pudding onto caramel source (using a sieve basket to strain).
[Picture]Making pudding STEP 5 Steaming it with the pressure cooker (using lower pressure level). Taking 2 minutes after a pressure ring up.
[Picture]Making pudding STEP 6 Then stopping heating. Leaving it about 1 hour without heating. Putting it into fridge, it will be ready to eat next day.
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